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We are honored that the San Diego Police Department chose our bikes and successfully applied for a grant through the Gary Sinise Foundation. As part of the foundation’s first responders outreach program, the SDPD received a grant for 25 new Volcanic bikes to patrol the Gaslamp Quarter. Supporting and equipping first responders with vital equipment is a key mission of the Gary Sinise Foundation, and we are proud to contribute to this important cause.

We encourage you to learn more about and considering supporting the Gary Sinise Foundation and it mission.




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Benefits of Patrol Bikes

Unlike traditional emergency vehicles that are limited to roads and larger thoroughfares, safety professionals on patrol bicycles can easily navigate crowded streets, alleys, and other areas.


  • Increased Mobility & Decreased Response Time: Bikes can patrol areas that would be difficult to access with a car. With the ability to easily weave in and out of traffic, first responders on bikes can quickly get to a crime scene, respond to an emergency call, or reach someone in need of assistance.
  • Visibility: Bike patrols are much more visible than police cars, which can deter crime and make people feel safer.
  • Cost savings: Bike patrols can save money on fuel costs and maintenance.
  • Community relations: Bike patrols can help to improve community relations by allowing patrol officers to interact with people in a more personal, relatable way.

NEW! Electric Motor Pedal-Assist Bike

Our eBikes give your patrol the ability to respond rapidly and cover greater distances in less time with the assistance of an electric mid-drive Bosch motor. The reviews are in, and this bicycle is a game-changer for any professional first responder bike patrol department.

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