The Volcanic Team


Erupting after a conversation with a Seattle bicycle police officer that their patrol bikes were breaking under the stress of duty, Volcanic Bikes was created to build “The Toughest Patrol Bikes on Earth!”

With this in mind, Volcanic Bikes focused on developing a frame and bike that was specifically designed to handle the rigors of Bike Patrol. After a couple of years in development, the idea became a reality when the first “Volcanic Approach Bike Patrol” (APB) rolled onto the mean streets.

Officers were so impressed with the result that in 2005 Volcanic Bikes secured its first contract and began building APBs for its first satisfied customer, the City of Seattle.

Over time, Volcanic has grown to proudly serve more than 1,000 departments nationwide.

In 2022 the company relocated to Omaha, Nebraska, where it looks forward to the opportunity to expand, while continuing to provide the finest patrol bicycles and accessories available.

We work with the best brands in the world!