About Us

Volcanic Manufacturing LLC

Erupting after a brief conversation with a bicycle police officer in Seattle, Volcanic Bikes was created to build "The Toughest Patrol Bikes on Earth!". The officer mentioned that some of their patrol bikes were breaking under the stress of duty, which started Volcanic Bikes founder and designer, Eric Kackley, working on the problem. After a couple of years 

development, the idea became a reality when the first Volcanic APB rolled onto the mean streets. Officers were so impressed with the result that in 2005 Volcanic Bikes secured its first contract and began building Approach Patrol Bicyles for its first satisfied customer, the City of Seattle. Years later, Volcanic is covered by departments all over the U.S. and is generating interest and sales internationally.

Mission statements – Volcanic Bikes' core focus will always remain the same: 

To build "The Toughest Patrol Bikes on Earth!" Backed by a LIFETIME frame WARRANTY.


Custom frames are available in a wide range of colors with options for POLICE, EMS, SECURITY, SHERIFF decals and more. Contact our team of professionals for more information about customizing your bike specifically for your department needs.

Ask about our custom build kits or our new GX 1x11 models.

Upgrade your fork, wheels, pedals or saddle. 

Looking for tires options? Swap out our stock tires for a tread pattern to fit your riding terrain.